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Benjamin Bear: Lungs [Album Review]

Benjamin Bear

Seattle was once a city of depression-based rock enthusiasm when the times where as confusing as a text message from Michael J. Fox. But, times were almost better then. And we needed something to be angry about. Nowadays, there is plenty to be upset with. So why not enjoy the city’s new excursions into a more inspiring blend of progressive shoegaze. This would be the work of Benjamin Bear, brainchild of pianist Mychal Cohen and percussionist David Stern and their refreshing album Lungs.

“This Rusty Truck” is a wonderfully personal tale about something that is most likely very important. But, again it’s personal; don’t be too discouraged if you don’t understand. It sounds good though, and seems to be positive. That is all that really counts. “I Wish This Could All Be Different” is also a beautiful track with tremendous piano riffs that border the likes of a 70’s pop sensation that will be left to the listeners to figure out. But, Miss Caroline was so very sweet wasn’t she?

Benjamin Bear is a project that is worthy of world notoriety. In a time riddled with loneliness and fear and intense guitar work, a few piano laced tracks can do the body and soul just right. Lungs is the soundtrack to the midnight hour after a bit too much wine. Prepare to feel vulnerable to a new train of thought that will surely be stationary after Mychal and David make you believe in the power of your own social indignities.

Benjamin Bear: This Rusty Truck [mp3]
[audio:090918-benjamin_bear-this_rusty_truck.mp3|titles=This Rusty Truck|artists=Benjamin Bear]

Lungs by Benjamin Bear

[CD, 2009]

1. Station Rest Release
2. Posterboy
3. This Rusty Truck
4. Russ
5. Frictionless
6. Napalm Runner
7. Walls
8. Riverbed
9. God Damn Thing
10. I Just Wish This Could All Be Different
11. Wilson Ave.
12. Now That You Are Gone

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