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Robert Gomez: Pine Sticks and Phosphorus [Album Review]

Robert Gomez

For those not currently in the know, it might seem strange to hear that the soft-hearted anti-folk artist Robert Gomez was once a member a popular Texas based mambo band known as the Latin Pimps. Or that he once toured as a circus performer (of sorts). You won’t hear much direct influence from these experiences on his latest solo effort, Pine Sticks and Phosphorus. But there is an obvious “influenced by the earth” feel to the album. As well as it being a cut above your average singer/songwriter’s work.

The slight haunting of an organ acts as the jump off for Robert’s hollowed out vocals and simple guitar chords on the star track “Hunting Song”. The most noteworthy and probably most noticeable aspect of the track would have to be the smoothness it creates. The notes don’t seem complex, but they’re certainly not dull. Then there’s “Open Your Eyes/Burning Trees”, which sounds like a B Side to Elliot Smith’s “Fond Farewell To A Friend”. A continuation of something truly artistic and genuinely secure in stature.

Gomez’s career as a musician has had it’s share of high roads and low valleys. But he is now another testament of what can occur when your talent is endless and your ambition is phenomenal. It’s almost impossible to have one and not the other if you wish to make music your life. And Pine Sticks and Phosphorus is great proof that this cat has both; he’s got a head start down the path to find his niche in such an expansive and sometimes unforgiving medium.

Robert Gomez: Middle Of Nowhere [mp3]
[audio:090917-robert_gomez-middle_of_nowhere.mp3|titles=Middle Of Nowhere|artists=Robert Gomez]

Pine Sticks And Phosphorus by Robert Gomez

[CD, 2009]

1. On This Day
2. At Nemili Bats
3. Hunting Song
4. Middle Of Nowhere
5. Behind A Green Rosette
6. Lock The Door
7. October Third Post
8. A Paper Figurine
9. Fireflies
10. Open Your Eyes / Burning Trees
11. We Closed Our Eyes

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