Sunny Day Real Estate [Feature Band]

Sunny Day Real Estate

In the early to mid years of this decade, the term emo became synonymous with sappy teens favoring the more mainstream pop and rock artists known for wearing unhappy emotions on their sleeve. But well in advance of that time, the genre was filled with artists like Sunny Day Real Estate, whose melodic indie rock maintained the genre’s fervor but without the lyrical sappiness.

True, the band was instrumental in crafting the genre and progressing it forward, and its members went on to do some pretty groundbreaking things — Nate Mendel and William Golsmith had stints in the Foo Fighters, and singer Jeremy Enigk has built a fairly solid solo career. Well the original three are once again together, a feat that hasn’t been since their original breakup in 1995 (Mendel remained with Foo Fighters during the band’s prior reunion in 1997).

This takes me back; sure, I didn’t really discover the greatness of Sunny Day Real Estate until the tail end of their second tenure as a band, but songs like “Seven” and “In Circles” had me in their grasp immediately upon first listen. It’s no surprise that nearly fifteen years after original inception, Sub Pop is reissuing both Diary and Sunny Day Real Estate (known also as LP2).

Sunny Day Real Estate: Seven [mp3]
[audio:090914-sunny_day_real_estate-seven.mp3|titles=Seven|artists=Sunny Day Real Estate]

Diary by Sunny Day Real Estate

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