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Emilie Lund: Emilie Lund EP [Album Review]

Emilie Lund

Aaahh Records is the purveyor of great folk from around the world; a netlabel whose brand consists of folk excellence in all its forms. The latest artist to join the Aaahh family is Sweden’s Emilie Lund.

Emilie Lund creates music that is pleasantly reminiscent of folk-pop masters like Sharon Van Etten, Laura Gibson, and label-mates Entertainment For The Braindead. Lund’s self-titled EP consists of five songs, all featuring soft acoustic folk and occasional orchestration.

There are plenty of favorites here, but the chart toppers, I’d argue, are “Sad Blue Mountain” and “Something Is Eating Me”. These tracks expand Lund’s music with added instrumentation, from piano and cowbell, to harmonica. Most include multiple vocal harmonies, where Emilie harmonizes with herself.

The Aaahh Records site notes that Lund is a big fan of artists like Nick Drake and Coco Rosie, and it shows throughout her EP.

Emilie Lund: Sad Blue Mountain [mp3]
[audio:090914-emilie_lund-sad_blue_mountain.mp3|titles=Sad Blue Mountain|artist=Emilie Lund]

Emilie Lund: Something Is Eating Me [mp3]
[audio:090914-emilie_lund-something_is_eating_me.mp3|titles=Something Is Eating Me|artists=Emilie Lund]

Emilie Lund

Aaahh Records [Digital EP, 2009]

1. Childhood Friend
2. Sad Blue Mountain
3. Getting Late
4. Rewind
5. Something Is Eating Me

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