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Anomie Belle: Sleeping Patterns [Album Review]

Anomie Belle

The taunting yet soulful words of Toby Campbell, a.k.a. Anomie Belle, are a true symbol of constructive rhythm and melancholy blues. Her album Sleeping Patterns is 11 songs that are nothing short of keyboard-infused goodness. The entirety of this album will run through your heart like a 2 a.m. subway ride through an empty of city of dust and desire.

Though not every tracks is a sad sort of memento to the giving youth, it surely is the general perception. There are kindly-thought gestures of indie rock, ambient, as well as a bit of trip hop sporadically engineered into the general atmosphere of Sleeping Patterns. The instrumental “Dox Amersterdam” is a bit out of place on the record; it’s a jazz-inspired gem of a track. And a close listen to a few other key songs will reveal wonderful additional vocals from Anna-Lynne Williams (the estrogen half of Trespassers William). “American View” and “Green House” disseminate these artistic battles most beautifully.

It may be possible that Toby Campbell’s success with Anomie Belle (which, for those who were wondering, is a combination of malaise and woman of charm… alright) could very well draw from her original gig as what some might call a “real musician” — a trained violinist. But, having a burning candle of social unrest that must have burst forth through her lips was surely tough, and she needed a new outlet of expression. And now we have Sleeping Patterns. The concert halls may miss her, but the beat down stages will surely embrace her and her spirited charisma.

Anomie Belle: Down [mp3]
[audio:090911-anomie_belle-down.mp3|titles=Down|artists=Anomie Belle]

Sleeping Patterns by Anomie Belle

[CD, 2008]

1. Down
2. How Can I Be Sure
3. American View
4. John Q Public
5. Cascade
6. Greenhouse
7. Bedtime Stories
8. Before You Leave Me
9. February Sun
10. Dox Amsterdam
11. Amy Song

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