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Hermit Thrushes: Slight Fountain [Album Review]

What a strange batch of Greek inspired gypsies Hermit Thrushes appear to be! The alt-pop/folk on their new album Slight Fountain is as intriguing as a businessman at Hempfest. And their slightly obtuse yet captivating sophomore release Slight Fountain crosses forward and backwards between obscurity and acoustic purity.

Hermit Thrushes’ songs are short in length, but not in passion. A true testament to all confusing folk developers everywhere.

It seems to be no secret that Hermit Thrushes prefer a bit of a darker take on songwriting. With lyrics like Kiss the fish / Let the poison drip down your lips or Tell me that my hair looks nice / Scratch your ear across the string, it should be acceptable to think this.

So, it’s not quite Danzig material, but, still peculiar none the less. Even though this album moves through tracks faster than OJ on a busy freeway, it still has a very full and entertaining collection of tunes.

Somewhat simple by nature, these guys take you on a smooth trip through the strange. Leave your folk rock premonitions at the beaded doorway when you flip your Zune to Slight Fountain.

It is worldly but not wordy. It is painstakingly mature at moments. But, delightfully mild mannered at others.

Hermit Thrushes is one of those bands you can continue to enjoy through divorce or wildfire. You just know they’re not going to upset you in any way possible.

Slight Fountain is out now on Joyful Noise Recordings.

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