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Pooma: Persuader [Album Review]


Pooma, from Finland’s Helsinki, may have formed in 2000, but they are only now breaking beyond the Finnish borders to give the world a taste of their melancholy Scandinavian shoegaze. Persuader begins with “If May Starts Tomorrow”, introducing us to the atmospheric drones that give Pooma the shoegaze label. This is pretty much what one can expect from Persuader; loud, intense shoegaze drone.

Where things vary are in the creation and production of song. Select tracks, like “They Won’t Come Back” find the guitars taking a backseat to both the vocals and percussion, where it’s opposite elsewhere. Others, like “Through The Calm” add in melodic instrumentation and even eerily romantic and dark cello. And on occasion, Pooma will drop the massive sound for one more restrained, as found (at times) in the title track.

Ever consistent, however, are vocals, which double for an interesting harmony quite conducive to the shoegaze Pooma creates instrumentally. Persuader is easily in league with similar artists that have gained momentum this year, like Zaza. Pooma shows a vast amount of promise, and Persuader could easily garner them worldwide fame.

Pooma: If May Starts Tomorrow [mp3]
[audio:090901-pooma-if_may_stars_tomorrow.mp3|titles=If May Starts Tomorrow|artists=Pooma]

Pooma: Through The Calm [mp3]
[audio:090901-pooma-through_the_calm.mp3|titles=Through The Calm|artists=Pooma]

Persuader by Pooma

[CD, 2009]

1. If May Starts Tomorrow
2. Snow
3. They Won’t Come Back
4. Would You
5. January
6. Through The Calm
7. Persuader
8. The Shore
9. Cool Inside
10. All Worked Out

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