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Happy Family: Sound Farm EP [Album Review]

Happy Family

Looking at the cover art for Sound Farm by Happy Family, one is given the impression it was inspired, at least in part, by Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. Sure enough, opening track “Cups” has certain similarities to Noah Lennox’s solo project, from the experimental electro loops to an underlying Beach Boys style harmony.

This continues in the mesmerizing “Running In The Fields”. “Mindless Pleasures” begins slowly but when the melodies kick in, the result is astoundingly rewarding. The four-song EP concludes with “Signal Processing”, a true instrumental track — where others could almost be considered instrumental, they oft include tonal vocals.

There’s something metaphysical about this music. It’s psychological, philosophical. These qualities are mind-expanding, taking the listener to a whole new plane of thinking and feeling. And that makes it absolutely brilliant.

Sound Farm is available for free download from the Happy Family MySpace page.

Happy Family: Cups [mp3]
[audio:090801-happy_family-cups.mp3|titles=Cups|artists=Happy Family]

Happy Family: Running In The Fields [mp3]
[audio:090801-happy_family-running_in_the_fields.mp3|titles=Running In The Fields|artists=Happy Family]

Sound Farm EP by Happy Family

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. Cups
2. Running In The Fields
3. Mindless Pleasures
4. Signal Processing

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