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HEALTH: Live At SXSW [Flamingo Cantina, 2008]


First things first: HEALTH is fucking crazy!!! This band can blow your mind, you load and whatever the fuck else it wants to because they are just that insane. These guys contorted their bodies in never before seen positions while thumping microphones into amps for loud bursts, while moaning ecstatically into other microphones, and while keeping both eyes on the drummer to ensure they didn’t miss a cue.

Next, this performance technically took place on March 15, 2008, beginning roughly 20 minutes into the new day. While one or two of my favorites off their self-titled debut were absent from their performance, the quartet still gave us a mind-blowing experience. Among the fun: “Triceratops”, “Heaven”, and oh so many other noise-ridden greats.

Hearing and having the ability to appreciate their album is one thing, but surviving one of their live performances is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The photos are proof.

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This review was originally published March 25, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.
HEALTH recently visited Daytrotter and the result was a three-song noise-fest on vintage instruments. Featuring two tracks off their new LP, Get Color, it also features a favorite off HEALTH, “Perfect Skin”. AWESOME!

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