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AristeiA: AristeiA EP [Album Review]


Dear AristeiA,

It’s been too long. I’ve missed you. There’s a laundry list of things I’ve wanted to say but haven’t in the past year. I’ve been busy. Things are good; I just get distracted. I’m sorry I haven’t made it down to Portland to see any of your amazing shows and I’m sorry we haven’t spoken in a while. I’d like to take a moment and rectify that because, despite my being vacant, I do have strong feelings for you.

You see, there’s a job and a girlfriend. (There’s always a girl. Right? They take us away at times—but they sure are great company as well.) The responsibilities of life sometimes drown out everything but the immediate, making the age-old statement Ignorance is bliss all the more true. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately.

So here I am, holding your new self-titled EP, listening to the songs. And I realize just how much I’ve missed you. I remember way back in 2006, meeting you for the first time at Doug Fir in Portland. When you took the stage, I was instantly surrounded by sound. There was something powerful behind the noise—something that altered realities.

And here you are, doing it again. First, the instrumental “Self Will Run Riot” and then on “Goldenwings”. Your vocals are so strange here — almost operatic — but mixed with your edgy shoegaze sound they fit, oddly enough. Then “Halkuon” drives me into a hypnotic state.

Yes, we’ve missed each other, but I’m sure we’ll meet again soon. Maybe it’ll be next month, maybe not for another year. But that day will eventually come ‘round. We’ll embrace like old friends, maybe share a brew. And you’ll blow me away just like the olden days.

Best wishes,


This review was originally published May 5, 2008 on the old version of FensePost.

AristeiA: Self Will Run Riot [mp3]
[audio:090822-aristeia-self_will_run_riot.mp3|titles=Self Will Run Rion|artists=AristeiA]

AristeiA's self-titled EP

[CDEP, 2008]

1. Self Will Run Riot
2. Goldenwings
3. Halkuon

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