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Reverse Dotty: Licorce Whips [Album Review]

Reverse Dotty

Euro trash just sounds like a genuine tragedy of a personal description that is begging to be exploited, doesn’t it? Reverse Dotty seem to think so. And their debut album Licorice Whips does just that; through synth-heavy and rock-steady exploitations destroy general perceptions of experimental artists. Of course said perceptions aren’t always wrong (God knows The Chemical Brothers have out stayed their welcome). But, this is a group that just plain rocks to beat, rhythm and exquisite guitar work as well.

Licorice Whips moves through you faster than a cheap, light beer. The drums lace your ears with a potent array of reverence that continues throughout the track list. The opening cut “Hay” is a taunting straightforward suggestion of what might be fun to do in said proverbial hay. The track “Cheato” brings our friends back to plain old hard rocking-ness with the slightest bit of keyboard nostalgia. This Portland based five-some has mastered the concept-free concept album.

Reverse Dotty is a splendid depiction of the Pacific Northwest’s translucent underworld and its fun filled journey through obscurity. Unlike may experimentalists out there, this group is solid. Their entire aura via Licorice Whips is nothing short of positive. They are a much needed light bulb replacement to the scenic oversight of a world that is over glamorized for all the wrong reasons. This group should not only be praised by their peers and fans alike, but truly thanked and prayed for as well.

Reverse Dotty: Cheato [mp3]
[audio:090821_reverse_dotty-cheato.mp3|titles=Cheato|artists=Reverse Dotty]

Reverse Dotty: Hay [mp3]
[audio:090821_reverse_dotty-hay.mp3|titles=Hay|artists=Reverse Dotty]

Licorice Whips by Reverse Dotty

Spotty Records [CD, 2009]

1. Hay
2. Master Jr.
3. Stray Nay
4. Turn Up And Play
5. Amazonian Hostel
6. Fuck Juice no. 9
7. Corks
8. Wildebeest
9. The Snake Man
10. Cheato
11. OMD
12. Underwolf
13. Dot Blue
14. Lost

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