Foxes!: Who Killed Rob? [Video]

Foxes! the band

Great pop comes in many forms. So proves Brighton, UK’s Foxes! The band’s new single “Who Killed Rob?” is an excellent summer song, filled with plenty of twee-ish vocal hooks and lovely indie pop instrumentation. A relation to better hone in on their sound (and due to lazy Saturday vibes): Foxes! are slightly reminiscent of artists like The Maybellines.

But aside from the similarities, Foxes! are more hype-worthy; they have more color and more harmony vocals, as seen in the video for “Who Killed Rob?” Obviously indie pop, this Foxes! video features the band playing their song, a ice cream cone eating bicyclist, and a fair share of colorful twee fashion. The storyline is a fun one, oddly enough, in which Rob (the biker) dies and awakes in a party-like heaven — a scene only possible in indie pop.

“Who Killed Rob?” is off a recent Foxes! 7″. I just purchased my copy from Catcutter Records.

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