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Deaf Judges: All Rise [Album Review]

Deaf Judges

The intelligently violent Deaf Judges have the ability to perform a cesarean section to your brain to show you knowledge you never knew you had. With traumatic rhymes, and a strange juxtaposition towards irony, All Rise is an album that erases the common semantics and philosophy of hip hop music. Instead, it destroys all possible faults, and regenerates a much more successful version of the beloved game of word play.

This foursome has a stage presence that is renown in their home front of Athens, Georgia. Athefest has even crowned them the local kings of Rap/Hip Hop three years in a row. Their outlandish antics really shouldn’t be a surprise when their tracks are laced with excitement that has not been heard since the early days of The Wu. The Judges hit their lyrical peak on the bar swapping cut “Phone Sex”. But, it is obvious that “Deaf Sentence” is the track our boys will follow up the ladder of success.

Some lyricists consider themselves very diverse and knowledgeable. But, until they mention beatnik authors in their songs (i.e. “Nuevo,” Kerouac), Deaf Judges may be ahead of their peers and superiors. These guys would probably fit right into the Rhymsayers crowd. But, their southern mentality would remove enough pretentiousness to put them on their own level. This is poetry because it is important. But, it’s hip hop because it holds onto grace through the gritty hallows of a harsh reality. And this works quite well.

Deaf Judges: Deaf Sentence [mp3]
[audio:090810-deaf_judges-deaf_sentence.mp3|titles=Deaf Sentence|artists=Deaf Judges]

All Rise by Deaf Judges

Emerald City Ruins [CD, 2009]

1. Judgement Comes
2. Space Cadet Setlist
3. Night Court
4. Nuevo
5. Deaf Sentence
6. Short Term Memories
7. Dumb Drumbs
8. T.V. Thieves
9. Boombox Lunchbox
10. Snake Charmin’
11. Outside Art
12. Blast Off
13. Planet Of The Judges
14. Terrorist Music
15. Phone Sex

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