Solander [Feature Band]

Solander is Fredrik Karlsson

From Sweden comes Solander, a band made of one Fredrik Karlsson who is also an instrumental part of the band Fredrik (though whose namesake he shares only by coincidence). The relation is more than mere presence, as the two groups share a love for beautifully melodic pop. The latest news from Karlsson and Solander is that the band has signed to Swedish label Tenderversion for the release of debut LP Since We Are Pigeons.

Listening to the two songs available for download, “Prayer To God” and “Looking For Gold”, it becomes abundantly clear that Solander also follows Fredrik (the band) in ability; both songs are filled with breathtaking instrumentation and powerful, emotive vocals. “Looking For Gold” has an off-beat guitar, much like that which can be found selectively on Fredrik’s debut LP, while harmony vocals and flawless orchestration make it one of the most alluring songs heard this year.

Then there’s “Prayer To God”, a Shellac cover. The lyrics are shocking, as Karlsson begs God to kill two individuals, the woman who was unfaithful and the man who committed the act. Despite the pain and the repetition of lyrics like fucking kill him, in “Prayer To God” Solander has created beautiful, perfected pain.

I am sensing greatness here, a pop utopia in Solander’s songcraft. Keep an eye out for Since We Are Pigeons — if it follows along the lines of these two masterpieces, it will be a true work of art.

Solander: Looking For Gold [mp3]
[audio:090807-solander-looking_for_gold.mp3|titles=Looking For Gold|artists=Solander]

Solander: Prayer To God [mp3]
[audio:090807-solander-prayer_to_god.mp3|titles=Prayer To God|artists=Solander]

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      Yeah, Solander writes some great tunes! Do check out the band Fredrik if you get a chance. He was in that band and they put out my favorite album last year.

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