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Polynya: Crop Rotation [Album Review]


In Crop Rotation, North Carolina’s Polynya draws influence from various unrelated sources to concoct a style all their own. There are three primary segments in their music: epic shoegaze-based rock, swirling electronic experimentation, and indie pop. While the first two are obvious, a deeper look into “Fan Fiction” finds pop-centric vocals backed by upbeat tambourine and percussion.

While indie pop is a genre which I absolutely adore, it quickly becomes apparent that Polynya is at their best when their songs find added emphasis in the first two styles. “Tightrope Walker” has excellent electronics and male/female harmony vocals, while “People In Pictures” and “Maul” feature perfectly dreamy shoegaze melodies.

When Polynya’s Luke Berchowitz joins Andrea Parthemore on vocals, the added harmonies further champion the group’s ability to craft great tunes. “Tidepool” and “Ribbon Dragons” both feature excellent vocal harmonies. Crop Rotation is the band’s second LP, following their self-titled 2008 release.

Polynya: People In Pictures [mp3]
[audio:090803-polynya-people_in_pictures.mp3|titles=People In Pictures|artists=Polynya]

Crop Rotation by Polynya

Childhood Pet Records [CD, 2009]

1. Ribbon Dragons
2. People In Pictures
3. Fan Fiction
4. Tightrope Walker
5. Fields
6. Orlando
7. Calico
8. Mobile
9. Tidepool
10. Maul
11. The Way Out At Last

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