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Misc.: Happiness Is Easy [Album Review]

Misc.Badman Records founder Dylan Magierek obviously has an ear for the streets when it comes to popularizing indie rock. With credits ranging from Starfucker to Weinland to the MTV friendly My Morning Jacket, he has shown that he knows how to spot talent from a miles worth of Chuck Taylors away. So is it any surprise that he would want to develop his own personality via the wonderful album Happiness Is Easy under the adequately and understandable moniker Misc.?

This instrumental savvy rock experiment plays like a batch of fresh inspiring nuances of life, sex, ice cream, and death. It covers all traits of being the same as Mozart would have done in the age of the hipsters. Lyrics are just another instrument throughout the album. The oddly titled, but entirely perfect track “Wes Anderson” is of the highest Darjeering spirit. But, “A Little While” and “Such A Fighter” prove to be Dylan’s prized works on Happiness Is Easy.

Why is Misc. such a perfect moniker? Because this is a collection of side projects built into something beautiful that our hero worked on between studio time spent developing the works of other tremendous artists. This strategy would in turn lead him to have the opportunities needed to collaborate with said artists (Weiland helped out, as well as poet-vocalist Daniel Ahearn). It is a wonder if the Badman Records and folks could have guessed that one of their most outstanding albums would be from their very own boss and founder. Seems like their own back yard was where the should have looked. Hopefully, after this work of greatness, they still have jobs.

Happiness is Easy by Misc.

Badman Recording Co. [CD, 2008]

1. Temporary Residence
2. In A Studio of Keepsakes
3. A Little While
4. Such A Fighter
5. I Am Trying To Leave You
6. Wes Anderson
7. Korea Vs. Japan
8. Emmett Till
9. Sea
10. Chocolat Noir

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