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Musette: 23 Oktober [Track Review]


So this discovery is slightly delayed, as Musette’s Datum has been out a few months now, but I’m getting caught up on a few things (namely, my inbox) and this is a band of which you are likely unaware. Musette is from Sweden and Datum is a recounting of Joel Danell’s piano tunes, all distinctly titled with a date, and prepared, originally, on piano. But, the recounting finds Danell recrafting the songs using violin, whistling, guitar, accordion and Dobro. The result, at least in what little I’ve heard, i.e. “23 Oktober”, is phenomenal.

Datum is out now on Tona Serenad.

Musette: 23 Oktober [mp3]
[audio:090727_musette-23_oktober.mp3|titles=23 Oktober|artists=Musette]

Datum by Musette

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