Motel Motel: Coffee [Video]

Motel Motel

The music video can be a very expressive medium to convey a message, just as the audio itself can formulate an impressionable amount of emotion: happy, sad, hopeless, joyous. The best videos, of course, complement the song in such a way, and, in fact, embark on their own journey into the mind of the creator. “Coffee” by Motel Motel finds director Matthew Murphy doing just that, and the viewer is simply drawn into an attempt to discover meaning behind the imagery.

Birthed from the dirt, one gets an initial impression that the scantily clad, long-haired, bearded individual might be Adam and the stick-figure construction could be his attempt at an Eve-like companionship. And as the video continues, this theory seems all the more plausible. But, really, are the religious connotations just that? In my opinion, probably not: “Coffee” is an exploration into the desire and longing for companionship.

Along with filming this great video, Motel Motel recently visited Daytrotter for one of those famed sessions, and they also released an LP titled New Denver on Rebel Group.

Motel Motel: Coffee [mp3]
[audio:090726_motel_motel-coffee.mp3|titles=Coffee|artists=Motel Motel]

Motel Motel – Coffee (Official Video) – from Matthew Murphy on Vimeo.

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