moped10: A Walk In The Woods [Video]


Pop music comes in many forms, and moped10 demonstrates exactly that with “A Walk In The Woods”. Featuring extremely bouncy guitar and keyboard riffs, the perfect accompanying trap set beats, and infectious but often bizarre vocals, the song dabbles slightly in the experimental. And like much of moped10’s music, inches toward the industrial. Whatever it is, you can classify moped10 as 1: a family affair, as the video features what I can only assume is the husband/wife duo and their two children (aka the Moody family), and 2: an absolute delight.

Yes, their music, as odd and occasionally backwoods-wild as it can be, is extremely fun. And you can see it in the development of not only their songs, of which they have many, but also in the videos they create for practically all these tunes. “A Walk In The Woods” is perhaps my favorite; the lyrics coincide perfectly with what’s happening on film. When it comes down to it, these are the family-fun memories you wish you had as a child.

I’ve included a few songs below, but you can hear more (and see more) on the moped10 productions site.

moped10: A Walk In The Woods [mp3]
[audio:090725_moped10_-_a_walk_in_the_woods.mp3|titles=A Walk In The Woods|artists=moped10]

moped10: Not Free [mp3]
[audio:090725_moped10_-_not_free.mp3|titles=Not Free|artists=moped10]

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