Donny Hue And The Colors [Feature]

Donny Hue And The Colors

Clouded in mystery is Donny Hue’s new track “Steps” off Free Sides. It is filled with pop sensibilities yet is shrouded in psychedelic production, giving the song and the band those added… err, colors. “Steps”, while pop-centric, is not necessarily a super upbeat song. It has echoing guitars masked with a lightly distorted reverb, and the percussion is consistent but downplayed. The vocals, on the other hand, are front and center: their prominence shines even when harmonies are not present. But perhaps the most telling sign that this song remains true to pop is the bouncy keys mostly hidden by the intense guitar mastery but for the closing solo moments.

“Oh Lord” on the other hand, lacks much of the psychedelia of “Steps” and instead features a 60s-era folk-pop. The acoustic guitar has a happy, full strum and the chorus is a lovable singalong, while Hue’s verses are Dylan-esque. Folk. Pop. Psychedelic. They all fit well together and Hue demonstrates this fact aptly in these two tracks. Set Free is a collection of, yes, free tracks released by Donny Hue And The Colors. These songs fit well alongside their growing collection of releases available through The Kora Records, including the recent release Letter From New Virginia, available now as a limited print, hand numbered CD.

Donny Hue And The Colors: Steps [mp3]
[audio:090724_donny_hue_-_steps.mp3|titles=Steps|artists=Donny Hue And The Colors]

Donny Hue And The Colors: Oh Lord [mp3]
[audio:090724_donny_hue_-_oh_lord.mp3|titles=Oh Lord|artists=Donny Hue And The Colors]

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