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So Many Dynamos: New Bones [Track Review]

So Many Dynamos

Surprising a fact as this may be, I am pretty much unaware of the music reviewing world. This is a fact I plan to rectify from now on, as there are surely several blogs and sites worthy of my time and attention. I did a little digging when approaching “New Bones” by So Many Dynamos, a song that many relate to Fugazi, dub as post-punk with forays into math-rock, or said this positive thing or that negative thing… and I start to see why I tune so much of it out. It taints the writing, the perceptions, and the expectations.

“New Bones” for example, is an outstanding, catchy track. So Many Dynamos’ latest (third) release, The Loud Wars, came out last month on Vagrant Records, a label that so often leads me to digging out old records by The Anniversary. But, when it comes down to it, I see the validity in what those others have said; the Fugazi references, and even hints of The Dismemberment Plan, or Les Savy Fav.

But let’s put all relations and references aside: they cannot discount the fact that “New Bones” is filled with a consistently awesome bass-line, a sweet vocal part, and production that points straight to Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla. And production is right: despite plenty of weight in practically all So Many Dynamos’ instruments, there’s a feeling of minimalism that is impossible to ignore. And that’s what makes “New Bones” such as exceptional track.

So Many Dynamos: New Bones [mp3]
[audio:090723_so_many_dynamos_-_new_bones.mp3|titles=New Bones|artists=So Many Dynamos]

The Loud Wars by So Many Dynamos

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