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Julie Peel: Unfold [Track Review]

Julie Peel

Folk-based pop artists, and vice versa, tend to encompass a homogeneous realm in music, as found in most sub-genres. So it generates great excitement when an artist defies the typical expectations. On “Unfold”, Julie Peel does just that, conjuring (surprisingly) a sound similar to the Jenn + Andy duo Wye Oak, sans the electric strength. “Unfold” too features male/female vocals, but rather than heavy pop-rock percussion and loud dreamy electric guitar riffs, Peel’s song is stripped to guitar, bongos, strings and a collective of instruments that assist in making her music stand out amidst a sub-genre often tired and, while typically good, unoriginal. Peel demonstrates aptly in “Unfold” that she is anything but.

“Unfold” can be found on Julie Peel’s debut full-length, Near The Sun, out this September but available now for preorder on American Laundromat Records.

Julie Peel: Unfold [mp3]
[audio:090722_julie_peel_-_unfold.mp3|titles=Unfold|artists=Julie Peel]

Near The Sun by Julie Peel

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    1. Nice… yeah, I hadn’t checked out van Etten yet (familiar with the name, unfamiliar with the songs) but you’re spot on! Thanks for cluing me into another great artist.

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