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Black Hat Brigade: “Fathers” [Album Review]

Black Hat Brigade

Many would argue that, when it comes to decade-old genres, it becomes harder and harder to write that which stands alone as unique. The same has been said over and over about post-rock, yet Black Hat Brigade seem to be creating a sound that, at least to some extent, is proprietary. After a brief single for their track “Zombie City Shake”, they now give us an EP titled “Fathers”.

“Zombie City Shake” shows just how unique a band Black Hat Brigade can be, adding vocals and dropping in a spooky theremin. Vocals continue in the brief title track “Fathers” and again in “Signal Fire”, where they’re just as eerie as those in their debut single. “Lost Boys” and “Vera” find Black Hat Brigade shining as bright as they do on “Zombie City Shake”, making “Fathers” a success worth noting.

Black Hat Brigade: Lost Boys [mp3]
[audio:090720_black_hat_brigade_-_lost_boys.mp3|titles=Lost Boys|artists=Black Hat Brigade]

Fathers by Black Hat Brigade

[CDEP, 2009]

1. Kitchen Party
2. Zombie Shake City
3. “Fathers”
4. Signal Fire
5. Castlevania
6. Lost Boys
7. Vera
8. Vera (Reprise)

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