The Dead Weather: Treat Me Like Your Mother [Video]

The Dead Weather

So, you probably already know that The Dead Weather is the latest project by Jack White of The White Stripes and The Raconteurs fame. You probably also know that White’s new musical female counterpart is Alison Mosshart, previously best known for her dominating vocal presence in The Kills. And you’ve probably listened to The Dead Weather’s new album, Horehound, three times by now; I have only listened to “Treat Me Like Your Mother” and I’ve only done so once, while watching the video.

While it’s a bit more mainstream than what you usually read on FensePost, I can’t help but write about this track and it’s accompanying video. After all, how many music videos out there are preceded by a teaser video, let alone two!? “Treat Me Like Your Mother” was and these brief snippets of what was to come have likely drummed up countless hits on YouTube, though surprisingly at the time of writing/publishing this little feature, that number is under 40k.

Anyway, while I prep other reviews and write about videos by eccentric indie bands, I can’t help but help pump up this group. After all, the music is damn catchy, and this video is quite impressive. But what else would you expect from Jonathan Glazer, who gave us the terrific film Sexy Beast featuring an excellent performance by Ben Kingsley, as well as one of my all-time favorite music videos, “Rabbit In Your Headlights” by U.N.K.L.E. and Thom Yorke.

All I can say is this: Watch. You won’t regret it.

Above photo by Jill Augusto.

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