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PRE: Hope Freaks [Album Review]


Loud. Brash. Obnoxious. Wild. Crazed. These are all terms one could use to describe the village nut; they can also be used to describe the band PRE, whose wild noisy punk is absolutely not for everyone. But for the individual that can tolerate the noise sub-genre — featuring shouted vocals, massive volume in percussion and guitar, and erratic behavior in all three — these songs are absolutely brilliant.

Hope Freaks is the follow up to 2007’s Epic Fits, and in comparison, it’s just as crazy and filled with indescribably (and intentionally) crass musicianship as its predecessor, from the early tonal Aaaaa in opener “Gang Of Wire” to the feedback guitar squeals that close the track, one gets the impression of being in a dentist chair (while hyped with plenty of laughing gas). PRE then launches into “Haircut Tacos” and “Junk”, both of which champion the female vocalist (who goes by the awkward title exceedingly good keex) with her intense shouts.

This continues on to closing track “Sleep Weak” — in truth, it’s hard to pick out an album favorite as all have their high points and all are dominating in presence, noise, and energy. What sets PRE aside as a great band is their ability to rock your face off and turn you on all at the same time without being overly lewd or overly sexual. At least, that’s the case on Hope Freaks. Now their live performance, on the other hand, is a completely different matter… but that’s all part of the fun!

PRE: Haircut Tacos [mp3]
[audio:090716_pre_-_haircut_tacos.mp3|titles=Haircut Tacos|artists=PRE]

Hope Freaks by PRE

Skin Graft Records [CD, 2009]

1. Gang Of Wire
2. Haircut Tacos
3. The Junk
4. Why Be Wives
5. Teenage Lakes
6. Not Necessary
7. Love Crunch
8. Cold
9. Hope Freaks
10. New Prints
11. Sleep Weak

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  1. hey bud, great review but i must say, PRE are a very, very sexual band. they did a 7″ with Aids Wolf on which PRE’s singer appeared topless with AW’s singer, not to mention the Treasure Trails EP and the “Dudefuk” single.

    anyway, just read some pieces and the site looks good, keep it up!

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