Handsome Furs: I’m Confused [Video Review]

Handsome Furs Band Photo

The always clever and crafty Handsome Furs were kind enough to bring their new single “I’m Confused” (from their highly anticipated sophomore release Face Control) to an embedded theater near you (and your closest laptop). And what better way to fuel a hyped 80’s keyboard sound with indie aspiration than… a zombie love story! This is a great song that is willingly out-shined by a very peculiar, at times disgusting, imagery of love, compassion, and destructive hearts.

Dan Boeckner could be a very convincing undead character if it weren’t for his intense and gallivant inspiring eyes staring into your soul with nothing but good intentions to entertain. Not to spit death in the mouth of the one’s he loves, but when he triumphs in the end (due to director Scott Coffy and the Furs own idea of zombies rate of speed) he proves himself to be as devilish as he is charming.

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