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Moto Boy: Young Love (Regina Remix)

Moto Boy by Jesper Berg

Above photo by Jesper Berg.

Swedish artist Moto Boy has a very Jeff Buckley aura to his persona, from his highly powerful vocal styling to the cleanly plucked guitar. So, it’s no surprise to hear that he’s covered Buckley live. This introduction is merely a focal point, an introduction to Moto Boy, whose latest tidbit of news is that label cohorts Regina remixed his song “Young Love”.

Moto Boy’s maintains the Buckley-esque vocals here, but due to the remix status, the guitars are stripped away for a sound much more dance-riddled, filled with beats and tambourines and sounds much in line with the music Regina makes. It starkly opposes Moto Boy’s traditional sound, oft minimalistic featuring Moto Boy alone on vocals and guitar.

Hearing the two songs back to back, it’s astonishing to hear how well the dance remix version by Regina works, and how emotive and dreamy the original is without the added beats and electronics.

“Young Love” in its original form can be found on Moto Boy’s self-titled debut LP, available now on Songs I Wish I Had Written. Moto Boy also released For Martha via the same label.

Moto Boy: Young Love (Regina Remix) [mp3]
[audio:090709_moto_boy_-_young_love_regina_remix.mp3|titles=Young Love (Regina Remix)|artists=Moto Boy]

Moto Boy: Young Love [mp3]
[audio:090709_moto_boy_-_young_love.mp3|titles=Young Love|artists=Moto Boy]

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