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The Forcefield Kids – Home EP [Album Review]

The Forcefield Kids

Newcastle is a town known for many things. A fine thick lager would be the obvious. But, hip hop probably wouldn’t cross an outsider’s mind when envisioning fields of green and cheerful soccer games pouring through two-story flats. Enter The Forcefield Kids with their soulful and spiritual flows over great seizures of digitized utopia. Their debut release, Home EP, is a fine example of the relevant fact that these brilliant British rhyme-smiths know hip hop, and they deserve their place in all it’s glamour.

For listeners looking for a fusing of popular rap and alternative hip hop, The Forcefield Kids are what may fit best in this respect. On “Since We Last Spoke”, their poetic reactions are in full effect as lead man Stain(ed) sounds like a combination of Big Pun and either member of Grayskul. And “Little Miss Star” provokes the spirits of outside elements that bend any sort of specific genre. An alternative rock influence is minute, but still entirely obvious on a track like this one.

These guys are one of the most complex hip hop duos to hit the indie world in some time. Their stamina in such a tormenting league of not so extraordinary gentlemen is well prepared and devoutly charming. When smart becomes cool in a field that has been falsely typecast as thoughtless and possibly immature, wonderful things can happen. But sometimes the original fun of hip hop can be lost. These guys haven’t forgotten either and their subsequently released Home EP is nothing short of an obvious truth to these claims.

You can purchase Home EP by The Forcefield Kids on Amazon or iTunes.

[audio:090708_the_forcefield_kids_-_little_miss_star.mp3|titles=Little Miss Star|artists=The Forcefield Kids]

Home EP by The Forcefield Kids

DFNT Records [Digital EP, 2009]

1. Cradle To Grave
2. Creepers
3. Little Miss Star
4. Since We Last Spoke
5. My Dead Body

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