Bagheera [Feature Band]


Initially listening to Bagheera‘s music, one might dub it as minimal. That, however, would be a folly. Digging deeper into the soft vocals and light instrumentation you’ll find an extensive complexity in every element added, from the instrumentation and percussion backing the Grizzly Bear-esque “Circadian Clock” to the opening Beach Boys-meet-Yeasayer tonal vocal harmonies in “Horizons Lined With Scars”.

These songs dabble in experimental folk, playing with melody as well as production. As the groups enters “Old Machine” their sound again morphs, this time reminiscing Yeasayer. But despite an array of influences, Bagheera’s sound is entirely their own. And despite their rather young presence, they’ve already mastered their that sound. One listen to any song off their Hollow Home EP will demonstrate that. Bagheera shows insurmountable promise.

Bagheera: Circadian Clock [mp3]
[audio:090706_bagheera_-_circadian_clock.mp3|titles=Circadian Clock|artists=Bagheera]

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