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The Lucksmiths: Spring A Leak [Album Review]

The Lucksmiths at The Crocodile Cafe in 2007

The Lucksmiths’ recently hit the states on a rare tour for the Australian quartet in support of their latest album, Spring A Leak: A Collection Of B-Sides, Covers, Rarities, And Other Treasures Of The Deep. With select exclusive material, the album does take several vinyl-only tracks and gives them a digital edge. It’s the unreleased live versions and hard to find b-sides that make Spring A Leak a joy.

Even casual fans will recognize several tracks on Spring A Leak, and will likely find some new favorites — select b-sides are out of print on 7”. Other tracks are alternate versions of their more popular tunes, such as a live version of “Camera Shy” from the 3B Tavern in Bellingham [I’m currently writing from this town, visiting the girlfriend’s parents] and a previously unreleased version of “Smokers In Love” recorded live for P3 Swedish National Radio in Stockholm.

Other tracks are a bit easier to find, such as The Lucksmiths’ cover of “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths, which can be found on Romantic And Square Is Hip And Aware on Matinee Records—a lovely compilation of Matinee artists covering various songs by highly loved 80s band. Spring A Leak provides fans with an additional takeaway; it’s one of those Anthology-ish albums packed with exclusive and hard-to-find material that, simply put, gets me a bit giddy.

This review was originally published November 13, 2007 on the old version of FensePost. The Lucksmiths have since released First Frost and, two months ago, called it quits after sixteen years. Visit Lost And Lonesome for the scoop on that.

The Lucksmiths: A Hiccup In Your Happiness [mp3]
[audio:090705_the_lucksmiths_-_a_hiccup_in_your_happiness.mp3|titles=A Hiccup In Your Happiness|artists=The Lucksmiths]

Spring A Leak by The Lucksmiths

Matinee Records [2xCD, 2007]

Disc 1
1. Falling Off Of My Feet Again
2. Point Being
3. The Invention Of Ordinary Everyday Things
4. Synchronised Sinking
5. Postcard
6. The Year Of Driving Languorously
7. Even Stevens
8. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
9. Macintyre
10. The Winter Proper
11. Anyone’s Guess
12. $30
13. Get Well Now
14. A Hiccup In Your Happiness
15. Deep Sea Diving Suit
16. Punchlines
17. Snug
18. I Prefer The Twentieth Century
19. To Absent Votes
20. Make A Wish
21. Smokers In Love
22. Are You Having A Good Time?

Disc 2
1. From Macaulay Station
2. I Started A Joke
3. Once Again
4. How To Tie A Tie
5. Rushes Of Pure Spring
6. Rue Something
7. Off With His Cardigan!
8. Camera Shy
9. Requiem For The Punter’s ClubYunta Hair
10. Dignified And Old
11. Caravanna
12. The Thought That Counts
13. Up
14. Boat
15. Broken Bones
16. Danielle Steel
17. Dolly
18. Shine On Me
19. Transpontine
20. The Tichborne Claimant
21. I’ve Got It And It’s Not Worth Having
22. Your Favourite Shirt

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