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Tom Brosseau: Posthumous Success [Album Review]

Tom Brosseau

It’s astonishing how earnest and endearing a lone man with a guitar can be. On occasion, such an artist comes along that can move people based on this minimalism. Tom Brosseau has the capabilities to do so, and his latest LP, Posthumous Success proves it. Opening tune “Favourite Colour Blue” includes a rambling guitar and folk-worthy howls.

Similar artists exist: Daniel Martin Moore, David Karsten Daniels, Will Oldham. And all often collaborate with other artists; Posthumous Success quickly moves from the solo Brosseau into full-band works “Been True” and “Big Time”, which include accompanying vocals and a shuffle percussion propitious to folk.

While some tracks include the prominent placement of others, to the point where the song without them would not be as effective (as heard in “You Don’t Know My Friends”), others like “New Heights” find Tom dominating despite accompaniment. The same can be said for the clever instrumental “Youth Decay”.

Brosseau concludes Posthumous Success where he began — with “Favourite Colour Blue”, this time with the full group; the differences are amazing and it leads to a known conclusion. The best artists are those that can carry a tune, with a full band and without.

Tom Brosseau: Favourite Colour Blue [mp3]
[audio:090623_tom_brosseau_-_favourite_colour_blue.mp3|titles=Favourite Colour Blue|artists=Tom Brosseau]

Posthumous Success by Tom Brosseau

Fat Cat Records [CD, 2009]

1. Favourite Colour Blue
2. Been True
3. Big Time
4. Boothill
5. You Don’t Know My Friends
6. New Heights
7. Youth Decay
8. Drumroll
9. Miss Lucy
10. Axe & Stump
11. Chandler
12. Wishbone Medallion
13. Favourite Colour Blue

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