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Peter Moore: One Ride [Album Review]

Peter Moore

Peter Moore has established himself as a true artist of the weird with his vocal and keyboard talents for The Blue Man Group. And now he has released One Ride, a sort of soundtrack affiliate to his one man show seen through the Boston music scene. He’s found the opportunity to master this beautiful concept album on tour, at home, and in the den of conformity homicide of his own brain.

“Droppin’ Trou” just sounds dirty! But, the romanticism of the track mixes well with the 70’s sitcom vibe it creates. Something that is impossible to see as nothing short of a beautiful love story (shot down in front a live studio audience). With eight “cycles” serving as full song intermissions, Moore’s concepts never flake away in the total minutes of this album.

Moore has created a funkadelic tribute to so many things reminding us of what seems to be a sweeter and simpler time. For anyone who has seen his one man show, prepare to relive a beautiful experience. For the everyone else, look in the mirror for that “what have I been missing?” glare back at yourself. Whatever the case, One Ride will make you want to know about everything that is the creative genius of Peter Moore.

Peter Moore: Sister Sunshine [mp3]
[audio:090623_peter_moore_-_sister_sunshine.mp3|titles=Sister Sunshine|artists=Peter Moore]

One Ride by Peter Moore

[CD, 2008]

1. I Know Someone
2. cycle 1: hip atop
3. If Heaven Ever Knew
4. cycle 2: take a risk, take a ride
5. Droppin’ Trou
6. cycle 3: one ride
7. Sister Shine
8. cycle 4: preventive maintenance
9. 5:00 In The Morning
10. cycle 5: replacement parts
11. When We’re Together
12. cycle 6: the drill, the routine
13. The Romance
14. cycle 7: the black of asphalt
15. Wicked Lies
16. cycle 8: own the limits
17. Cling Free

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