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Cinema, Cinema: Exile Baby [Album Review]

Cinema, Cinema

Brooklyn New York has housed many musicians from every background for well over a hundred years. Traces of this fine burrough can be found throughout the history of instrumental and vocal companionship. But, nothing of the likes of Cinema, Cinema has really ever been heard. The complete and utter lack of traditional vanity on their third release, Exile Baby, is proof of this transcending duo’s ability to represent their home base on an entirely different front.

Fusing every genre of rock n roll, this indie treasure of an album portrays a “little something for everyone” attitude. These brick layers of disturbia create a glamorous sense of mental chaos with “I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend”, as well as the adversely reflective “Hope Dies Last”. For ambient/indie pop fans, this could just about cover enough ground to be a modern favorite. Classic, maybe?

Cinema, Cinema is one of those band of talented weirdos that appear only every now and again. Their curious blend of Radiohead and The Who inspired motives are as seemingly possible this day and age. And Exile Baby is a perfect example of a combination once considered odd, but now a daily consideration in the underground music world. Fluctuation is the new wave’s most important noun. And these guys have long had that down. But just to be sure, they churned out this creamy classic for their fans to truly understand their grasp on today’s modern standings. Cheers to such a volatile pair of once endangered servants.

Cinema, Cinema: Drydive [mp3]
[audio:090622_cinema_cinema_-_drydive.mp3|titles=Drydive|artists=Cinema, Cinema]

Exile Baby by Cinema, Cinema

Digitone Records [CD, 2009]

1. Shine No. 1
2. The Natural
3. RX
4. Drydive
5. An Obstacle
6. I Don’t Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
7. Hope Dies Last
8. The Desperate Acts
9. Still/Life
10. Shine No. 2

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