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The Lonely H: Concrete Class [Album Review]

The Lonely H

There are times where you just need some good ol’ fashioned classic rock. But the classics can sometimes get a bit stale — after all, they’ve been sitting gathering dust or wear for decades. I guess that’s the attraction of a band like The Lonely H; their music has the gritty rock sound of the 70s south, but it’s fresh in that it’s new.

Tracks like opener “Right Down To Me” feature a soulful vocal wail while the guitars ache of southern bluesy rock. Others, such as “White Horse Tears” add a few extra vocalists to the swagger. But where this sound shines through most may be the full-on blues rock that is “Diggin’ A Hole”.

Often the fan of ancient pop, it isn’t often I’ll talk up the heavier side of that era; but here it is, a band that pushes away the lighter side for something with a punch, a jab, and a little extra heart.

The Lonely H: Diggin’ A Hole [mp3]
[audio:090619_the_lonely_h_-_diggin_a_hole.mp3|titles=Diggin’ A Hole|artists=The Lonely H]

Concrete Class by The Lonely H

The Control Group [CD, 2009]

1. Right Down To Me
2. Cold Blues
3. White Horse Tears
4. Going Out West
5. Singer
6. Diggin’ A Hole
7. Take Care
8. Phoenix
9. Other Side Of The Water
10. Girl From Jersey
11. The River
12. Strike A Chord

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