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Bumtech: Beware of D-G [Album Review]


There is no describing the spectacular essence of the duo that is Bumtech. Band mates Sharon Schloss and John Walterscheid have a keen ear for art through obscurity. Combining a mixture of new wave pop and indie, with a hint of 90’s style garage rock, Beware of D-G is a must hear for fans of estranged and engrossing “get down” rock and/or roll.

It’s obvious through this album that Bumtech truly yearns to satisfy their listeners without losing their own artistic integrity. Tracks like “Got Yer Nose” and “Out Of Range” are perfect ditties for a dance with your closest “BFF” or anyone similar. And they really sacrifice nothing when they spit venom into the eyes of judgmental and scene obsessed individuals who are poisoning the world of music on the track “Breekbaar”. Sharon and John bring the listener to great new heights as they tap into roots of creativity with Beware of D-G.

This is truly an everyman’s group. It’s not hard to understand where Bumtech is garners inspiration for an album such as this one. They found it in life! In the dirty streets of existence. They display a brilliant affection for all things real. They sing of real things. To include heavy descriptions of a perfect lunch line up for a lost soul (see “Out of Range”, again). While diminishing all unnecessary restraints of regularity, this duo has created a true delight. Like a discarded love seat, Beware of D-G may not be something you were deliberately seeking, but it will prove to be quite the find, with no regrets attached.

Bumtech: Out Of Range [mp3]
[audio:090618_bumtech_-_out_of_range.mp3|titles=Out Of Range|artists=Bumtech]

Beware Of D-G by Bumtech

[CD, 2008]

1. Video Head Cleaner Killed The Radio Star
2. Scrotessa, Weanis In The Workplace
3. Mama Schloss’ Fruit Jam
4. Face
5. 1000 Days
6. Fot Yer Nose
7. Out Of Range
8. Waiting
9. Breekbaar
10. Don’t Run Away
11. Oregon II
12. K.A.F.

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