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Forever: Forever [EP Review]


Quick, furious, and externally tempting are the best available adjectives to describe Forever and their self-titled debut EP. Their songs seem to focus on the triumph and/or tyranny of love. Vocalist Shenna Corbridge spends an electrically-fused 15 minutes screaming truths she makes you believe are self-evident. This is a group that says what they want, when they want. And in 50 words or less at times.

As Forever most likely hope for, a Dead Milkmen impression is obviously notable on tracks like “Who’s Haunting Me?” and “Psychic Resistance”. The general listener may only hear the 80’s punk influenced, western-like quick draw riffs and spills on this album. But safety pins and torn Levi’s aside, this is a solid and original album. “Tumbleweed” lands itself centered of the track list, but highest ranked as far as originality and could be a punk rock prophecy for the new millennium.

This is a group that, among other things, begs for a live audience. Even on this EP, it is extremely rational to believe that their sound would be nothing short of exciting and turbulence riddled (as they have proven audience all over the U.S.). Imagine the covers they might do. Despite this obvious revelation. This is, again, a very solid record. It is a six-track example of the high speed fundamentals that Forever have to offer the world.

Forever: Tumbleweed [mp3]

Forever's Self-Titled EP

HHBTM [CDEP, 2009]

1. Oh Distant Heart
2. Something’s Missing
3. Tumbleweed
4. You Don’t Care
5. Who’s Haunting Me?
6. Psychic Resistance

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  1. These guys ROCK…dudes! I love that lead singer shes awesome, and that qwerky bass player…and the manic drummer…wow…dudes
    YOU ROCK!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!!!

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