The Legends: Always The Same [Video]

Johan Angergård of The Legends

Over And Over by The Legends came out recently on Labrador Records, but when I attempted to order it from the local record shop they noted it wouldn’t be out for another few weeks. While this is likely due to an alternate US release date, or whatever, I was happy to hear The Legends, one of Johan Angergård’s many quality Swedish groups, gave us a little teaser to pass the time.

“Always The Same” is a unique track, one that finds Angergård returning to his roots so to speak. We haven’t heard this much fuzzed out guitar riffs from The Legends since their 2004 debut, Up Against The Legends, one of my personal favorite albums of all time. It also features a female vocalist, odd for The Legends but a commonality in Angergård’s other groups Club 8 and Acid House Kings.

“Always The Same” features similar awkward dancing as found on The Legends’ last video, “Lucky Star”. But this one has wild editing and a completely fresh storyline; rather than a vacant bar setting this one finds the protagonist in the privacy of his home lamenting over (we’re led to believe) a lost love. And there are eggs involved.

The Legends: Always The Same [mp3]
[audio:090606_the_legends_-_always_the_same.mp3|titles=Always The Same|artists=The Legends]

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