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Team B: Team B [Album Review]

Team B

Look at the laundry list of names associated with the Team B project and you are likely to concoct an idea of how the group may sound. The list: Arcade Fire, Beirut, Stars Like Fleas, The Jealous Girlfriends… others.

Now, prepared yourself because the result is likely the furthest from what you expect. Take, for example, a song like “Hang Me”; it has more similarities to Atlas Sound and Grizzly Bear than any of the aforementioned artists.

It’s a surprise that takes a moment to sink in, and two moments to digest, and five to understand. After all, doesn’t sociology tell us that we all products of our environments? And if that is the case, how is not a trace of those artists depicted in this music — none whatsoever!

Team B has created something that is, for the most part, entirely unique in comparison to the group’s collective backgrounds; they’ve gone and disrupted everything we knew about Beirut and Arcade Fire. And to be honest, they’ve done it with style.

Team B: On My Mind [mp3]
[audio:090604_team_b_-_on_my_mind.mp3|titles=On My Mind|artists=Team B]

Team B by Team B

Ba Da Bing Records [CD, 2009]

1. On My Mind
2. Hang Me
3. Tons Of Fun
4. Mystery Man
5. No Purchase Necessary
6. Redd’s Opus K607
7. Misma
8. Empty Hallways
9. Life (Remix)
10. Salad Days

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