The Radio Dept: David [Album Preview]

The Radio Dept.

The intro leading into the opening vocals in “David” is a bit surprising; featuring a highly melodic and downtempo key part similar to the sounds that enveloped Pet Grief but backed by a clean, relaxed bassline and relaxed percussion initially gives the listener a startle. This isn’t The Radio Dept. we’re used to, you might think. But in actuality, it is. The vocals enter and as the song progresses, it dawns on you — it’s all merely progress.

The song may not be as catchy as the last single The Radio Dept. gave us, “Freddie And The Trojan Horse”, but it’s just as good as anything off “Pet Grief” and most things off “Lesser Matters”. Either way, new material from The Radio Dept. is always exciting. And “David” lives up to the excitement and the long wait — “Pet Grief” came out way back in ’06. Sure, “Freddie” came out last year, and David IS yet another 4-song EP/single, but it doesn’t matter.

You’ll find that over the years The Radio Dept. has continued to deliver phenomenal releases, many of which were EPs or singles. There was Annie Laurie in 2002, Pulling Our Weight in ’03, and 2006 brought the clever single “The Worst Taste In Music”. All were worthwhile, and if the title track to David is any hint, it’ll find a more than worthy slot in my music collection. And hopefully yours as well.

David is available now for pre-order from the Labrador Records website.

The Radio Dept: David [mp3]
[audio:090602_the_radio_dept_-_david.mp3|titles=David|artists=The Radio Dept.]

David by The Radio Dept.

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