The Banyans [Feature Band]

The Banyans

In their brief existence, The Banyans have already shared the stage with some of Seattle’s most established indie acts including Throw Me The Statue and Say Hi. And it’s easy to hear why; their sound is quite conducive to Seattle’s underground sound, from the back-woods nature of The Cave Singers to the more pop-edged folk-rock of Grand Archives.

The Banyans split their tunes between sad and sleepy folk-ish alt-country in tunes like “Across The Bow” and “By Now You Know”, and a bouncy country-tinted folk-pop found in songs like “Grenade On Course” and “Settle Up”. Both sounds are complimentary to one another, and often include a country signature — slide guitar.

These songs are playlist dominators. You know, the kind you stick on your iPod that pop up every so often and make you think Man, this is a great band! The song that really pulls it in is “Grenade On Course” thanks to extreme vocal hooks, but in all honesty, most of The Banyans’ songs fit the profile.

It’s clear that as The Banyans refine their sound, they will be well on their way to joining the ranks of Seattle’s well-known artists, many of whom are recognized nationwide. After all, with their self-titled debut, The Banyans are already three-fourths of the way there.

Andrew Fitts from The Banyans has extended the courtesy of allowing any and all to download the group’s self-titled debut. You can do so here.

The Banyans: Grenade On Course [mp3]
[audio:090601_the_banyans_-_grenade_on_course.mp3|titles=Grenade On Course|artists=The Banyans]

The Banyans: Across The Bow [mp3]
[audio:090601_the_banyans_-_across_the_bow.mp3|titles=Across The Bow|artists=The Banyans]

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  1. not to be confused with the band Banyan from Los Angeles which features Mike Watt, Stephen Perkins, Nels Cline and others.

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