FensePost: Cover Art

The Hydeaway CD Newsletter: Issue #1 Winter 2009

We are on the eve of celebrating our third birthday here at FensePost, and in doing so we have launched the first “arm” of the page. Cover Art is a sub page devoted to the physical release, from unique packaging to clever concepts to simply great cover art.

To launch the page, we chose The Hydeaway CD Newsletter: Issue #1 Winter 2009, a release that, in itself, is devoted to promoting an all-ages art space in Edmonton, Alberta. It just seemed fitting, don’t ya think? The artists featured include Geoff Hawryluk (also, FensePost’s feature artist for this coming Wednesday), Cecil Frena, and Spreepark.

Visit the page and leave a comment. Let us know what your thoughts about the page (yes, we already know the photography, albeit a main and instrumental element of the site, is amateur). Then subscribe to the RSS; and while you’re at it, subscribe to this page’s RSS if you haven’t already!

We hope you enjoy the new page. And do note that FensePost will continue delivering great reviews each and every day.

I’ve included Spreepark and Cecil Frena here as well, for your added enjoyment…

Spreepark: There’s Nothing You Can Say Now [mp3]
[audio:090601_spreepark_-_theres_nothing_you_can_say_now.mp3|titles=There’s Nothing You Can Say Now|artists=Spreepark]

Cecil Frena: O Sacred Dandruff [mp3]
[audio:090601_cecil_frena_-_o_sacred_dandruff.mp3|titles=O Sacred Dandruff|artists=Cecil Frena]

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