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Stereo Total: Anti Love Song [Album Review]

Stereo Total

Stereo Total (Stereo Total) joins euro sounds from France and Germany to create a style of music somewhere between Krautrock and new-wave. The duo has a string of albums released through Olympia label Kill Rock Stars and their latest EP pressed to vinyl is Anti Love Song.

It’s easy to pinpoint a favorite — the title track. Françoise Cactus’ German accent and the signature lack of Krautrock emotion as she sings And just as hard as I’d fall for you, boy / Well know you’d fall for me harder / That’s why I don’t want to love you. Add consistency in drums and a string of new-wave synth lines, and the song becomes a pillar of ecstacy.

“I Wanna Be A Mama” finds Brezel Göring taking the lead on vocals, the song delves into the influences parents indulge onto their children: I will call him Lucifer and teach him how to criticize / I’ll teach him how to live off prostitution / I will teach him how to kill / Oh yeah, I wanna be a mama.

Stereo Total excels at pointing out ridiculous things rampant in society. No topic is off-limits and that leads to some pretty clever and unique music.

Above photo by Stefanos Notopoulos.

Stereo Total: (I Hate) Everybody In The Discoteque [mp3]

[audio:090522_stereo_total_-_i_hate_everybody_in_the_discotheque.mp3|titles=(I Hate) Everybody In The Discotheque|artists=Stereo Total]

Anti Love Song by Stereo Total

Kill Rock Stars [7″ Single, 2009]

1. (I Hate) Everybody In The Discotheque
2. Anti Love Song
3. I Wanna Be A Mama
4. No Tututu

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