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The Argyle Wishlist: Day Trips [3″ CD Single Review]

The Argyle Wishlist

The Argyle Wishlist may have put it best themselves: their music spans from soft folk pop to fuzzed out electrobeat compositions. These styles, and the lovable indie pop and twee that make up the space between, can be heard on Day Trips, the group’s recent 3″ release.

Primarily the solo workings of Jesse Bell with assistance from a collective of good friends, The Argyle Wishlist presents four highly infectious, super upbeat tracks on Day Trips. Tracks like “What’s Done Is Done” and “Should’ve Kept A Journal” find the Wishlist dishing out warm scoops of pop that amount to one delicious collection.

Day Trips is part of a series of 3″ EPs released via two labels, Series II Records and Eggnog Records. Accompanying it are additional EPs from Double Dan, Flannel, Robert Church, as well as a seven song compilation.

The Argyle Wishlist: Should’ve Kept A Journal [mp3]
[audio:090519_the_argyle_wishlist_-_shouldve_kept_a_journal.mp3|titles=Should’ve Kept A Journal|bands=The Argyle Wishlist]

Day Trips by The Argyle Wishlist

Series II Records / Eggnog Records [3″ EP, 2009]

1. What’s Done Is Done
2. Slippery Slope
3. If You’d Only Allow Me To
4. Should’ve Kept A Journal

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