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Grynch & Two Good Men: Something More EP [Album Review]


Grynch is easily the most prolific MC in the Northwest. But, he may also be one of the most underappreciated wordsmiths in the game of Hip Hop. With an exaggerated and mystic flow, it really doesn’t matter if this man makes it to “the top”. With three albums as well as two hot mix tapes under his belt, Grynch has proven that he has the poetic skills to be on the level of Lupe, Slug, or whoever wants to test him.

On Something More, Grynch pulls some of his best rhymes to date. With the beautiful production of Boston and Seattle based Two Good Men in tow, this EP moves through a bass riddled jam anyone can enjoy. As usual, our man comes out spittin’ with a storyteller’s mentality. The Cali native MC Tunji brings a sweet essence to “All Right”. And Grynch shines on the album’s titled track. But the pinnacle track would have to be the funk blazed “Take A Trip”. For hardcore Northwest natives and supporters, these may be the greatest hip hop songs you will ever know. Never before has Seattle been so appreciated by an artist of any genre.

Just as “Take A Trip” would let you know, the Northwest can be doper than Sir Mix A Lot. Grynch will have you know the weed is better, lyricists border every genre out there, and Ray Charles came to Seatown for a reason. This free flowing and underestimated rapper deserves the respect and representation as the best MC to emerge from his region in a very long time. And his work ethic is surely not to fail any time soon.

Grynch: All Right [mp3]
[audio:090513_grynch_-_all_right.mp3|titles=All Right|artists=Grynch]

Grynch: Take A Trip [mp3]
[audio:090513_grynch_-_take_a_trip.mp3|titles=Take A Trip|artists=Grynch]

Something More by Grynch

[Digital EP, 2009]

1. Something More
2. I’m A Dreamer
3. Missed Connections
4. Jaded
5. All Right
6. Take A Trip

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