Little Big Adventure: Happiest Times [pReview]

Little Big Adventure

Two weeks, that’s how long we must wait for The Hateful Eye, the debut EP by Little Big Adventure (MySpace). LBA is Labrador Records‘ latest signing, and the second song to hit the net is the oddly titled “Happiest Times”; after all, Little Big Adventure writes pop songs about hate.

Dubbed after a 1994 PC video game, Little Big Adventure is one man: Magnus. His sounds have a pleasant sort of darkness, filled with upbeat notes and downtrodden-sounding lyrics. They are electronic, seemingly Japanese influenced, and entrenched in sleepily sung lyrics. Not necessarily angry, nor overtly directed toward any particular group, they’re simply poetic frustrations, tormented by life. And that’s what makes them great.

As the Little Big Adventure debut EP title track, “The Hateful Eye” emphasized all these elements. It’s predecessor, opening song “Happiest Times” follows suit lyrically, though the backing electro-instrumentation appears slightly more upbeat. As I said before hateful music never sounded so upbeat and pleasant; well, “Happiest Times” easily validates that statement.

Look for The Hateful Eye on Labrador May 13. It’s available now for pre-order.

Little Big Adventure: Happiest Times [mp3]
[audio:090501_little_big_adventure_-_happiest_times.mp3|titles=Happiest Times|artists=Little Big Adventure]

Little Big Adventure: The Hateful Eye [mp3]
[audio:090317_little_big_adventure_-_the_hateful_eye.mp3|titles=The Hateful Eye|artists=Little Big Adventure]

The Hateful Eye by Little Big Adventure

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