Kenron: There Go Home [Video Review]


Kenron is a very eccentric yet calm character. He boasts his music to be “emotionally charged pep talks.” This is about as accurate of a description as anyone could foster up. He writes songs that are intoxicating and oddly comforting to the heart and body. Though simple in nature, these are the type of songs you may want to know of when looking for lyrically charmed examples of the sometimes horribly written book of life.

“There Go Home” is just another example of the message Kenron is attempting to draw forth. And as for the video, “draw” was taken quite literally. It has an almost spooky and simple two dimensional animation that moves in unison with the melodrama and misery of the song itself. It is a well conceived and original homemade piece of work. The obscurity of this video could not mesh any better with the perpetual sanity of Kenron’s unique display of indie acoustic bliss. It is very pleasant and dreamy stuff.

Kenron: Smell Of Color [mp3]
[audio:090430_kenron_-_smell_of_color.mp3|titles=Smell Of Color|artists=Kenron]

Kenron: Something In The Ocean [mp3]
[audio:090430_kenron_-_something_in_the_ocean.mp3|titles=Something In The Ocean|artists=Kenron]

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