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Great Northern: Remind Me Where The Light Is [Album Review]

Great Northern

Great Northern’s new wave sound deserves comparison to the highest point in a drunken night. It is everything you want to remember. Rachel Stotle’s inspiring vocals are an uplifting and obviously intriguing delight. Remind Me Where The Light Is, the band’s second full length album, is a grand continuation of their critically acclaimed debut release, Trading Twlight For Daylight. And as one would hope, or expect, they have improved greatly.

The uber catchy and obvious single “Houses” is the star track, and not only because of its pop friendly persona. It has everything. Including a wonderful hum/whistle backdrop and a catch-all of estranged emotions that strike fear and love into all unsuspecting fools. “New Tricks” is an experience all in itself. The melodrama and antisocial behavior of this cut was to be expected from such eccentric characters as Great Northern.

The mainstream rock n roll scene has been desperately awaiting a duo like this. This is a couple of artists who dispel a strange sort of confidence while feeding off the age-old antiquity of artistic fortitude. Raw talent isn’t always enough. Great Northern truly grasp this concept. That extra bit of zing and understanding of their own true wealth is what sets them above so many.

Remind Me Where The Light Is by Great Northern

Eenie Meenie Records [CD, 2009]

1. Story
2. Houses
3. Fingers
4. Snakes
5. Stop
6. New Tricks
7. Mountain
8. Warning
9. Driveway
10. Numbers
11. 33

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