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Juna: Yesno [Album Review]


Yesno is an aptly titled concept album centered around the joining of opposing forces to create a powerful third entity. Filled with fitting portions of eclectic yet mellow instrumentation and filtered experimentation, Juna’s music dawns somewhere between the subtle bedroom evening and the ether of morning dew. It is the joining of folk and shoegaze.

There is something other-worldly about Yesno. Songs swirl through atmospheric melodies and peak unfathomable mountains. The songs float through mystical lands and steal away souls. This juxtaposition of ideas encompasses the tragedy of life and humanity. And it’s a tragedy that is painfully beautiful, filled with color and hope and despair.

Yesno can be purchased on CD Baby.

Juna: Existence Is The Absence Of Everything Else [mp3]
[audio:090424_juna_-_existence_is_the_absence_of_everything_else.mp3|titles=Existence Is The Absence Of Everything Else|artists=Juna]

Yesno by Juna

Royal Rhino Flying Records [CD, 2009]

1 Yesno
2 Existence Is the Absence of Everything Else
3 The Plague
4 Tango
5 Once You Knew
6 The Sickness Unto Death
7 Everborne
8 Breakaway
9 The Gift
10 Please
11 All I Am

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