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Pigeon Lane: How Sweet, How Kind… [Album Review]

Pigeon Lane

The first time I heard Pigeon Lane, I thought it was a new project by Pelle Carlberg. But it quickly dawned on me that it indeed was not — Pigeon Lane’s sound is filled with similar amounts of pop, but the vocals (the trait most like Carlberg) are less humorous, less professional. Compared to Carlberg, Pigeon Lane fits a lower-fi profile. This suits them well; in a way, this style is comparable to early Starlet or early Acid House Kings.

The extent of similarity Pigeon Lane possesses with Swedish pop artists, it’s a bit of a surprise the group hails from Germany. Songs like “Judy” and “Teardrops” are immediately catchy, despite their slower nature. Pigeon Lane is definitely folk-pop. It is a bit mellower than your standard indie-pop, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less good. How Sweet, How Kind… is filled with the style of folk and pop that will make you instantly fall in love.

Pigeon Lane: Judy [mp3]
[audio:090423_pigeon_lane_-_judy.mp3|titles=Judy|artists=Pigeon Lane]

Pigeon Lane: Waiting For Her [mp3]
[audio:090423_pigeon_lane_-_waiting_for_her.mp3|titles=Waiting For Her|artists=Pigeon Lane]

How Sweet, How Kind... by Pigeon Lane

Series Two RecordsSeries II Records [CD, 2008]

1. Judy
2. So Glad
3. All Together
4. Next To Mine
5. Teardrops
6. And So Is She
7. Flowers In My Garden
8. Blossoms
9. Taxi
10. Waiting For Her
11. Wet Holiday
12. Wall Of Blankets

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