Empire Of The Sun: We Are The People [Music Video]

Empire Of The Sun

Empire Of The Sun (MySpace) is not your typical duo. They add theatrics to their songs. They blend earth-based life with ancient spiritual aesthetic. They bring the golden age of early civilization into the modern technological world. They also take their name from a 1987 Speilberg flick. One listen to either of Empire Of The Sun’s first two “hits” and you’ll hear why everyone is talking about these guys — they’re easily this year’s MGMT.

This year’s MGMT; there’s more than a mere reference point in that statement — the electronic beats and glam traits are a bit reminiscent of last year’s critic approved group.

“We Are The People” and its accompanying video are one part tribal, one part mystical. It’s a mix Empire Of The Sun favors throughout Walking On A Dream. Filmed in the Mexican desert, “We Are The People” follows an interesting and creative storyline. Similarly, the video for title track “Walking On A Dream” (this time filmed in China) mixes the ancient with the modern.

Their debut, Walking On A Dream, hit via Astralwerks yesterday.

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